15 – Lucy (2014)

15 - LUCY - 2014

15 – Lucy (2014) | ★★★★

Director:  Luc Besson; Screenwriter: Luc Besson

Plot:  An accident turned one unwilling drug mule to become a ruthless warrior endowed with a rapidly evolving superhuman intelligence.

Hard to swallow plot but amusingly smooth and Lucy looking just like that did not hurt either. Johansson is becoming so versatile I can see her work everywhere.

“Ignorance brings chaos not knowledge.”

–  Lucy

Runtime: 1hr 29min (IMDb)

Cast: Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman

2 thoughts on “15 – Lucy (2014)

  1. Johansson is terrific actress. I’m yet to see Lucy. Part of me just wishes this was a Black Widow movie, as I think she’s got that whole action woman things cornered beautifully with that character. I hope that happens, eventually.

    1. You should see Lucy. Johansson is becoming extremely versatile these past few years and she made great choices catapulting her on that elusive tough heroine status, of which right now the only actress comes to mind with similar gravitas is Angelina Jolie.

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