6 – The Guest (2014)

6 - THE GUEST - 2014

6 – The Guest (2014) | ★★★

Director:  Adam Wingard; Screenwriter: Simon Barrett

Plot:  A young soldier named David is claiming to be a friend of the recently deceased son of the Petersons who died in action.  His presence meant console but soon after, a series of random deaths occurred which may be connected to him.

I have to admit, this is way, way better than Adam and Simon’s You’re Next. The duo also collaborated on the V/H/S franchise (which had very poor ratings on IMDb) but can’t comment on that since I haven’t watched a single film from that franchise. I just had to point that out before proceeding. Knowing these, yes I would say that I’m leaning towards not liking it before actually watching it. But the movie enjoyed numerous raves, so I tried it and suspended all judgment before the end.

I understand its appeal. It recreated that distinct 80’s vibe, which worked for the movie, I guess. And I can’t hide the laughs, it’s really there and it’s never boring. It collapsed though in the final act. I know, I know, there are films where you should not pause and think hard and analyze such and such, but can’t help it. This movie is a mystery movie. Of course the viewers are bound to think straight up what’s David’s motive. The explanation didn’t hold. Everything after the revelation seemed irrational and it did not sit well on me. After the reveal, almost everything before the revelation did not seem logical either.

On the other hand, we have Dan Stevens who played the role perfectly. No, he slayed it. He’s really good and I managed to finish the movie solely because of him. I found him to be really likeable, all the while maintaining that curtain of ever so slight disguise. He is that guy you know you should not vote or you should not trust because you know something’s out of place but you vote and you trust him anyway. I sure want him though to come back to Downton, but we all know for sure that is never going to happen. His character here shows he is versatile and this could not be more different from cousin Matthew of Downton and I believe this opens roads and roads of possibilities for this bloke.

“…I’m a friend of the family.”

–  David

Runtime: 1hr 39min (IMDb)

Cast: Dan Stevens, Maika Monroe


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