5 – Maniac (2012)

5 - MANIAC - 2012

5 – Maniac (2012) | ★★★½

Director:  Frank Khalfoun; Screenwriter: Alexandre Aja, Grégory Levasseur

Plot:  Frank is a mannequin shop owner. He strikes a friendship with an artist, Anna, who has an upcoming exhibition. As he helps Anna, Frank tries to curb his fetish – his complulsive desire to stalk and kill and harvest scalps.

I had this feeling at the start it would be nauseating to watch Maniac, solely because of the point of view (PoV) style it had which is Frank’s. Surprisingly, it’s not and it’s kind of refreshing to watch something new to the eye.

Elijah Wood is convincing in his portrait of a likeable pyschopath out to scalp his victims. The back story focused too much on drugs and sex although yes those should be highlighted in Frank’s descent into madness. But overall the back story is weak and not compelling enough to warrant Frank’s diabolical transformation. The cheap thrills brought about by his stalking is a hit and miss. Yes some scenes had to be recreated because it is a remake, but creativity suffered in the process.

“Please don’t scream. You’re beautiful.”

–  Frank

Runtime: 1hr 29min (IMDb)

Cast: Elijah Wood, Nora Arnezeder

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