2 – Taxi Driver (1976)

2 - Taxi Driver (1976)

My Rating: 7/10

Synopsis:  Unstable insomniac driver roams the streets of the metro nightlife with an unhinged judgmental insight.


Morals of the character is similar to one who lacks sleep and who lacks a healthy dose of close real relationships that can budge him onto waking up into reality. I never liked the absolutism of his conscience. That disgusts me more than the nightlife imagery portrayed by this movie. I’m not saying I’m better with him in any way, I’m just saying I won’t consider “cleansing” the nation by employing raw physical ways of doing so as a means for improvement. I don’t know yet what approach would be necessary but I abhor what he did.

The movie tries too hard to be contemplative but ends up being disruptive of the collective notions about order and chaos. Yes there are wackos out there just like him who have moral compass of their own, who might believe they are doing the right thing. And so what? Should this be an eye-opener for all of the moviegoers. This movie is such a downer for me.

On the other side, it’s done like some pro would do. It effectively lured me into watching every detail of Travis’s descent into madness. It’s not an easy thing to accomplish. Scorsese and De Niro deserves applaud for their work here.


Runtime: 1hr 53min (IMDb)


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