56 – Hesher (2010)

My Rating: 9/10

Synopsis:  A kid wants to retrieve his mother’s car which is being sent to the junkyard. His pill-popping father doesn’t approve of him going after it. He still attempts to get it. Enter Hesher, an obnoxious unpredictable scumbag that further adds chaos to the already chaotic lives of the Forneys.

It’s sort of a twisted guardian angel-like story. Definitely a must-see with the bends here and there and the unique quality of how the story unfolds.


At the beginning, I felt sorry for the kid and felt disgust for the father. I could not have been more wrong with the father. In addition to the losses endured by TJ during his formative years, the kid is also bullied and Hesher f**ked Nicole as a side plot , there’s only so much a boy his age can handle and the effect of these mishaps definitely took a toll on him. The gravity of all the negative things happening were offset by the antics of Hesher which made the movie not too depressing. As for Hesher,  his presence is  very welcome because he just zoned in every scene. Almost all of his scenes are pretty much WTF!

The culmination for me would be the time TJ went to the junkyard.  Watching it, it will hit you very suddenly and bam! You will know why the kid is so attached to the car. I don’t know why I didn’t notice it before. The car had been flashed a few times before the junkyard scene, Suddenly, full circle. You understand the father’s motives for letting go of the car, The pieces fell to the right place for me before the flashbacks (dream) happened, and the flashbacks just gave it more power and more dramatic pull.

Of course the most memorable line ( at least for me) came from Hesher, who told a story about his lost left nut, same story as the half-empty, half-full glass only told in a more awesome way.


“Life is like walking in the rain. You can hide and take cover, or you can just get wet”

–  Grandma Forney


Runtime: 1hr 49min (Box Office Mojo)

So many factors should be accounted for in reporting grosses in box office like if it’s a wide release or only for a limited run, mere showing of numbers does not detail anything. In fact, it may obscure one’s view of the film. It’s because not all are created to function as cash cow franchises, some are done for artistic expression and other purposes. So no production budget and grosses report here from now on…

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