55 – Perfect Sense (2011)

My Rating: 7/10

Synopsis:  A chef and an epidemiologist falls in love against an epidemic that sweeps the human senses as a backdrop.

It’s a harrowing take on the end of the world. Much scarier than the catastrophes told by those who predict 2012 is the year it will all end. I can’t even begin to try to understand the profoundness of the film. My favorite part would be the breakdown of communication, the third tragedy that befell the world, particularly the scene where Eva descends into rage at the same time when Ewan called to apologize by the phone. He doesn’t know she’s already got it because he himself is already deaf. It has this reverb that pierced through – mirrors people’s failure to communicate sometimes when we do not listen and just blurt out hateful words. I’m sure the allegory has many more interpretations but that’s just how far my mind at the moment can understand it.


Runtime: 1hr 29min (Box Office Mojo)


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