54 – The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (2011)

My Rating: 9/10

Synopsis: The latest documentary from Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock attempts to give a booster on the viewers’ discernment regarding the concept of advertising in movies. The documentary spills the beans on the current situation on co-branding, the extent of the power of advertisers, and the compromise between artistic integrity and money.

Once again, Morgan Spurlock delivers an immersion documentary unlike any other. What I personally like about his documentaries is – the ideas that he speak, the world he explores, we get to see and feel it first-hand, yes it’s an immersion type of documentary so we should expect nothing else and nothing less but his work is always engaging and very relevant, and yes editing could have been used to showcase more the points he wants to get across and he may overshadow or completely deny us other things but it cannot get anymore objective than this. Maybe the use of some figures is lacking that could have made it seem more ‘credible’ , but he’s got the connections and he utilized them wisely.

It’s true. I can speak for my own university in saying that popular brands that control the market are now creeping inside supposedly separate and sacred institutions like the academe. Horrifying as it sounds, privatization of public institutions are becoming more and more common today to the point that buildings get named after commercial brands, like the GT-Toyola Asian Center Auditorium in UPD. And now on the heels of the joint venture  UP-Ayala TechnoHub in Commonwealth Ave., comes a UP-Ayala Town Center to occupy the former site of UPIS HS, which is now being relocated.  There’s really so much to say. While there goes the negative, one scene in the academe uplifts the mood of the documentary. It sends this signal that there are students who are not so vulnerable to all these lies and are smart enough to take everything with a grain of salt, for me, that’s the finest part, I can see that we’re not doomed, there’s still hope.
As a recent graduate clutching near my heart all the principles I learned and picked up, this documentary may not be groundbreaking but the impact sure made me more vigilant than ever to stay true to my principles.

Haha! Good to know why that song from OK GO was entitled “The Greatest Song I Ever Heard”. Now I know! hahaha, The next one from Spurlock “Mansome” looks interesting as well, going to check it too.

Highly Recommended!


Runtime: 1hrs 30min (Box Office Mojo)

Production Budget: $1.8 million (Box Office Mojo)

Grosses: (Box Office Mojo)

   North America  $638,476    100.0%
+ Foreign:  n/a    0.0%

Worldwide:  $638,476

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