46 – Our Idiot Brother (2011)

My Rating: 9/10

Synopsis:  When one incident sets Ned off to live with his sisters, one problem after another balloons after his trail making his sisters very much pissed on him. He maintains a positive attitude amidst all the conflicts, but his sisters believe he is the culprit and the one to blame.

Charming and humble and nice and totally not an idiot. That’s how I would describe Ned in this flick. And everybody else are asses treating him like a douche. His clothes though and general look make it easy to regard him as a total loser. Sure he’s very trusting, and sometimes can be stupid, but he’s more bearable than the others that are lost in their own way and can’t own to their own faults. It’s crazy, Ned’s simple lines of truths ring great life lessons and he’s the only one that has a big and kind heart. His honesty is misconstrued most of the time as idiocy. In a twisted sense, he is viewed by all as the one causing the problems, when on the contrary he gives the solution. The charades part is my favorite where the sisters somehow see Ned for who he is after Ned expresses his disbelief and anger in all of them. The story is simple and the situations mirror what happens in our lives. Not far-fetched at all, because really, just like what is stated by the tagline, almost every one of us has this oddball character in our lives who is an idealist and who blurts out honesty at the expense of risking something of worth for us and most of us treat them the same way the three sisters treat Ned. Our Idiot Brother nailed it for me, it has this right balance of humor and wit. The actors were all good, I can’t think of anything actually that I don’t like about it. It doesn’t mean though that the movie is without flaw.




” I’d like to think that if you put your trust out there, if you give people the benefit of the doubt, see their best intentions, they’re gonna want to live up to it. It doesn’t always work out [clearly], but more often than not, I think that if you do, people will rise to the occasion”

– Ned Rochlin


Runtime: 1hr 30min (Box Office Mojo)

Production Budget: $5 million (Box Office Mojo)

Grosses (Box Office Mojo)
   North America:  $24,816,118    100.0%
+ Foreign:  n/a    0.0%

Worldwide:  $24,816,118

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