45 – Bronson (2008)

My Rating: 6/10

Synopsis: Tom Hardy plays Michael Petersen, a foul-mouthed, son of a gun maniac who gets incarcerated for robbery and later gets transferred into a solitary confinement which extended his stay for 30 more years. During and after this, he was branded as the “most violent prisoner in Britain” owing to his volatile and loose cannon nature.

It tries too hard to be artsy and fails, more like artsy fartsy to me. Too vain. The blend of comedy and criminal horror did not sit well on me. The humour is not dark enough, or maybe I’m just not getting the novelty of Bronson, maybe the reason I find it not appealing enough is that I’m not familiar with the infamous notorious prisoner of the United Kingdom who is often referred by the Brit press as the “most violent prisoner in Britain”.

Oz, a prison drama series from HBO in the late 90s did more in picturing graphic scenes inside solitary confinement and made the scenes in Bronson lacked scores of degrees in depth. The viewers I’m afraid will not be able to weigh the gravity of being held in such an environment. 30 years is a long brutal torture to be locked inside that hellish room to say the least. Bronson failed to capitalize in it, mental health should have been gleaned about even for a short while, instead scene after scene of criminal behavior diluted the movie, to the point that it doesn’t horrify the viewers anymore.

On the technical side, photography is excelente, every frame is a fine work of art.Tom Hardy brought it too. He did the role with style and it oozed with thrill. The opera bugged me though made it too theatrical for my taste.


Runtime: 1hr 32min (Box Office Mojo)

Grosses (Box Office Mojo)
   North America:  $104,979    4.6%
Foreign:  $2,155,733    95.4%

Worldwide:  $2,260,712

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