44 – Black Swan (2010)

My Rating: 8/10

Synopsis: Nina (Natalie Portman), the ever diligent and sweet ballerina landed the dual “Swan Queen” role, the most coveted there was. She is exquisite and flawless for the “White Swan” part, but she needed to exude sensuality and dangerousness for the other role, the “Black Swan”, and in order to be ‘perfect’ she must let loose  and be consumed byher alter ego.

In a nutshell, one can say it’s an example of the inverse of art imitating life. Vaguely reminiscent of “Fight Club”. It’s like its feminine version. The big difference was the alter ego. It was never meant to be a surprise/twist. Rather, the lead is slowly being consumed by its alter ego in order to satisfy the need to be perfect on the grand day of opening.

It was good all throughout but it was dull when scenes with suspense are not featured. The mystery is built well, and Aronofsky is commendable in that he did not try to explain the mystery but he let it hang over the air for the viewers to make sense of it. And it was not hard to follow, sure there were wtf scenes, but I think it was never over the top, ample amount was used just to give that sense of lurking darkness that might envelope the character anytime.



Runtime: 1hr 43min (Box Office Mojo)

Production Budget: $13 million (Box Office Mojo)

Grosses (Box Office Mojo)
   North America:  $106,954,678    32.5%
Foreign:  $222,443,368    67.5%

Worldwide:  $329,398,046



5 thoughts on “44 – Black Swan (2010)

      1. Kumpleto as in napanood ha, hindi may kopya. Nakopya ko na yung True Grit mo at may War Horse ako. Hehe

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