42 – Away We Go (2009)

My Rating: 10/10

Synopsis:  A couple is expecting their firstborn. Verona (Maya Rudolph) on her sixth month being pregnant travels with his boyfriend Burt (John Krasinski) in finding the perfect home for their family. Some quirky mix of friends and relatives they connected with in their pursuit helped them discover where the heart of this starting family lies.

A picture of hope, fear, and a little bit of craziness are warped around the couple as they ventured to places where they can be starters, anywhere where there is a friend or relative that they can spend their early adulthood life with- Phoenix, Tucson, Madison, Montreal, and Miami. They tested those environs to get a feel if they will be a right fit in those places.


Away We Go is so smart and it did a wonderful job in making a statement. One exemplification is its  poking on a horrible attitude – “Everything is broken, so why don’t we just keep breaking it again and again“, showing the viewers that there is always a choice and it’s okay to be afraid in taking care of a family, and that it makes you a really better person just by asking that question and other questions on that same train of thought. And finding the answers to the trivialities of life is always hard but it is where you learn, when you ask those questions, so ask them anyway even when the answers will not be answered right away. The answers may not come, but you will find a way to deal with these things if it doesn’t go ignored altogether. What I love most about it is its not being too preachy. It asks, but it does not tell you which is right and which is wrong. You have to figure it out by yourself, and it is scary but it is life and you have to control what you can control and try not to worry over the things you can’t. Warm, brilliant, and thought-provoking . The journey beckoned me to introspect my own life, on how to deal with all those sorts of things. And it’s a feel-good movie too, not too happy but real in every way. I love this movie.


Casting was perfect. One of the best works from Krasinski and Rudolph. Sam Mendes does it again! This guy rocks. Sound and feel of the movie is amazing. Script is real and funny when it needs to be funny and heartfelt when it needs to be heartfelt. It is easily one of my favorites now.



Runtime: 1hr 38min (Box Office Mojo)

Production Budget: $17 million (Box Office Mojo)

Grosses (Box Office Mojo)
   North America:  $9,451,946    63.4%
Foreign:  $5,447,471    36.6%

Worldwide:  $14,899,417

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