40 – Freakonomics (2010)

My Rating: 7/10

Synopsis: Freakonomics is a documentary featuring an anthology that re-examines how things work, and it tries to figure if there’s correlation on some trivial things that we haven’t seen before. The subjects include the connection or lack of connection of a person’s name for their success in life,corruption in an over 2,000 year sport that is sumo wrestling, reduction of crime rate in the 1990s in USA and a school incentive experiment that aims to improve the academic performance of its students.

Correlation is given emphasis in this documentary that is an adaptation of a successful world-renowned book of the same name. The notion of causality is given a second look around and the subjects are re-examined from an economist’s point of view with some help from experts on the field of question. The documentary did not really elucidate much but it gave some controversial opinions on the matters that were discussed, not newspaper worthy assumptions but nevertheless interesting ones. That’s the point though on why the documentary is not an excellent one. It’s just a mild tap on the shoulder, it doesn’t inspire movement, rather it just encourages some small talk about its subjects. The authors admitted that as well so there’s no argument about that.

I’m still gonna read the book. I think it’s still interesting. This documentary gave my mind something to ponder on. It goes right up and straight in saying that not everything is what it seems, there is a hidden side to everything. Well, all the people knew that already. But it’s a good thing something like this pops out once in a while just to remind us that there really is something going on behind that are most of the time ignored.


Runtime: 1hrs 25min (Box Office Mojo)


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