39 – Mother’s Day (2010)

My Rating: 7/10

Synopsis: A bank robbery that had gone horribly wrong made the siblings that orchestrated it head back to their home, only to discover moments after they opened the door that it now belongs to new homeowners. Their mother arrived to pacify the situation.


Apparently, it’s loosely based on a 1980 film of the same name, and evidently as depicted in the reviews in IMDb it is superior than its former counterpart. The movie is sick and twisted, just like what any horror-thriller movie fans would expect in such a plot where psychopaths terrorize a home. Pacing was just right not exhilarating but not slow either. Casualties and fatalities were done with varying degrees of gore and all with sufficient reason for the plot to move forward and not done to off a character just to off a character. One would question at the beginning the number of the hostages being too many and would instantly deduce that their existence is for exploitation purposes of their mortality. But that didn’t happen in Mother’s Day. Although not all characters are needed to tell the story, the minor characters are not to be taken for granted.The actions and reactions of all the characters were all believable up until the stupid mistake made by one near the climax of the film where he dragged back his friend, the one who already got outside. There were some stupidity here and there but not cringe-worthy and are most of the time tolerable.

Weak ending though. And the title does not fit at all. Can it be shortened to ‘Mother’ instead?



Runtime: 1hr 42min (IMDb)

Production Budget: $11 million (IMDb)



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