27 – Waiting for Superman (2010)

My Rating: 8/10

Synopsis: This documentary sheds light on the state of public schools in the United States in recent years, highlighting its inefficiency to produce sufficient globally competitive young individuals.

From Davis Guggenheim, director of An Inconvenient Truth comes another thought-provoking and unsettling documentary raising awareness on one of the more pressing concerns of our society today – public education. The wake up call from Waiting for Superman is universal and while it is true that only public education in the United States was featured, it still mirrors the problems we have here in the public school system of the Philippines. From so called “drop-out factories” to “academic sinkholes”, the documentary identified these schools, and provided extensive review of the landscape of public schools, carefully mentioning the burgeoning weight of the problem, and dissecting it for easier observation. It might be a little unfair to put the blame all in one basket – cautiously mentioning that the teachers are not the problem rather it  is the teacher’s unions that impedes the system, but at least Waiting for Superman was not uncommitted. It tried to give explanations why it delivered that kind of opinion. Of course, all should be taken with a grain of salt but kudos to the team that offered solutions to the daunting “lottery situation” and the “dance of the lemons” which made me laugh so hard and made me think so deep. I would have to disagree though to one statement mentioned that the current inefficient public school system affects the neighborhood in a negative way and not more than the other way around. Its a give and take environment and I think both are accountable for the negativity surrounding them. It is a good documentary but not outstanding in that it has picked only a portion that can be easily explained but in actuality it doesn’t explain the entirety.




Runtime: 1hrs 42min (Box Office Mojo)


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