26 – Thirst (2009)

My Rating: 8/10

Synopsis: Accidentally, a priest engaging in an act of martyrdom was spared in a fatal medical experiment only to become a blood-thirsty, vampire.

It’s a vampire tale that is not glamorized. A bit of a drag being two hours long but the visuals overcompensate and characters are defined, not over the top, just right to get a sense of their intentions. and once in a while Chan-wook Park  injects life in the characters, something unexpected or something gross just to make them more grounded and not prototypes of what we are accustomed to see as protagonists and antiheroes.

Thought-provoking, the movie showed scene after scene what it’s being like to be succumbed into a world of addiction (by choice or not) and the thrill of immorality. Aside from that, the temptation of first love (and breaking the vow of chastity), the excitement that comes with it,  and its downfall was depicted on the priest’s affair with Tae-Ju. Conscience was a recurring theme, that haunts both Tae-ju and Sang-hyeon, we see two persons dealing with it differently, one conscientious and one rebellious.  Absolution was the common thing they long for and is being kept beyond reach until the end.


Runtime: 2hrs 14min (Box Office Mojo)

Language: Korean (IMDb)

Production Budget:

Grosses (Box Office Mojo)
  North America:  $318,574    2.4%
+ Foreign:  $12,690,363    97.6%

Worldwide:  $13,008,937

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