21 – Carnage (2011)

My Rating: 7/10

Synopsis: Two sets of parents agreed to meet and patch things up after their sons got into a fight. At the meeting, things began to get out of control leading to nasty confrontations and even veered away from the point of reconciliation.

I got to give it to Christoph Waltz. He’s the most relatable and most real among the caricatures there. It was a little far-fetched though that they stayed for an hour or so but given that it’s an adaptation of a play “God of Carnage”, I guess the writing were more or less there already and there are only so much that they can do about it plot wise .Most of their opinions about marriage and morality, etc.are honest observations and I can see where all of them are coming from, their passion or lack of passion on a certain thrown topic.


Runtime: 1hr 19min (Box Office Mojo)

Production Budget:

Grosses (Box Office Mojo)
   North America:  $2,547,047    9.2%
Foreign:  $25,056,022    90.8%

Worldwide:  $27,603,069

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