16 – Margin Call (2011)

My Rating: 10/10!

Synopsis: A risk management officer in an investment bank stumbled upon the biggest bad news that would hit the economy hard in the next following hours. Inspired by a true story about the recent financial meltdown of the 21st century.

The employment shakedown at the start was brought for good reason as it established the environment the movie would be spending for the rest of its run.  And what followed sure painted a very real picture of what happened on the recent financial breakdown that crippled the world.  The treading of the story effectively beckoned the viewers to watch closely the beginning of the collapse. The great thing about this is that it did not dwelled on jargons and money mumble jumble .The storyline was not really the driving factor in the movie rather it had a nice trajectory that seated the characters accurately in such a crisis.
It was a good move to feature the hierarchy and the relationships of the characters, the links effectively presented the dynamics and loyalties around the firm. Each character got slammed by the stinging news and reacted and coped in different shades of disappointment and despair. No one got the better hand and everyone was dealt a bad card. As they moved in order to salvage what can be (if there were any to be) salvaged from the trainwreck, there were no upfront motives shown, no good guy-bad guy, the movie is dealt with a broad spectrum of gray, different shades of it. It’s picture perfect, more so when Paul Bettany delivered his utter disgust to “normal people” he referred to as being judgmental, in my opinion, the conversation had translated very well onscreen and communicated and preached in a manner that could not be any better.And can I just say that Simon Baker looked really sharp with those ties.


Runtime: 1hr 49min (Box Office Mojo)

Production Budget: $3.5 million (Box Office Mojo)

Grosses (Box Office Mojo)
   North America:  $5,354,039    33.3%
Foreign:  $10,732,208    66.7%

Worldwide:  $16,086,247

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