12 – Toast (2010)

My Rating: 7/10

Synopsis: A nine year-old boy lived his childhood with very little gastronomic experience to be proud about. Seeking ways to improve his dining experience, he interested himself in the arts of culinary. When his mother died and his father remarried a really good housekeeper who is also a fine cook herself, Nigel, the boy, ignited his passion and went head-to-head with his father’s spouse in delivering mouth-watering dishes and desserts day after day. The boy’s quest on becoming the Nigel Slater of Savoy Hotel began here.

I actually thought it was a really really smart movie but then it had no punch. The movie didn’t have any climax. I know it’s only a TV film, but my dismay did not come from the production budget, I just needed something that would make the movie stick into my head for a long time. It did not feel rushed though, the pacing was all right and yet it missed that climax.
Now, talking about the cast, since the first time I watched Helena Bonham Carter from Fight Club, up to the recent Alice in Wonderland she always brought with her her guns. Same for this film where she portrayed the too good a housekeeper Mrs. Potter. And let me just say that it felt very awkward watching Freddie Highmore have a growth spurt and be a lanky tall teenager. I just can’t help but remember him in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and August Rush. It’s crazy, it’s like it’s only been last year when those movies were released.
It came to my knowledge that the film is based from Nigel Slater’s well-beloved  autobiography of the same name. I don’t know who Nigel Slater is before, I only knew that Toast (the movie) was an adaptation of his book after watching it. It was a good film, but it felt like it was incomplete, like something in the middle there were pieces missing.


Runtime: 1hrs 36min (IMDb)

Production Budget/Grosses: TV Film


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