11 – Das Experiment (2001)

My Rating: 9/10

Synopsis: Das experiment follows a group of volunteers that participated in a scientific experiment which was a simulation of a pretend prison where the group was divided to inmates and prison guards.

It didn’t jumped the shark rather it built slowly and allowed the characters to grow on you. Then the stimulus proved to be very powerful and shook the system, eventually things spiralled out of control. Actually, it made itself very uncomfortable to watch, it became claustrophobic, and it became very real. The experiment did not only reached its limits, it stretched and it threatened and creepily affected entities outside the supposedly controlled environment. Its weakest link is Dora which is very unneccessary and did not contribute in any way to the development of the film. This one puts to shame the American remake that is The Experiment.



Runtime: 1hr 56min (Box Office Mojo)

Language: German (Metacritic)

Production Budget:

Grosses (Box Office Mojo)
North America:  $144,634    1.2%
Foreign:  $11,455,141    98.8%

Worldwide:  $11,599,775

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