5 – The Hunger Games (2012)

My Rating: 10/10!!!

Synopsis: To spare her chosen little sister, one Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) volunteered to participate in the annual Hunger Games where only one out of 24 participants is to remain alive after the bout. Set in a dystopian future, The Hunger Games serves as an entertainment to the elite, a memorial to the past uprising, and an intimidation tactic by the government.

The odds are sure to be in its favor and the world indeed watched! Admittedly, my heart was pounding while watching the film especially at the time when Katniss is to be transported to the battlefield. I don’t know. I was so engrossed, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. There were no astounding SFX, but the feel that the film evoked…it vibrated and seemed to chase its audience, I for one seemed to believe the things that were being shown to me even if it’s all strange and unbelievable. Like it was really happening somewhere right then when I watched it. What I don’t like was the shaky but essential and intentional camera work at the beginning and (at some points) at the middle, it made me dizzy. The visuals was nice including the awesome flaming suits and dress.
Characters were developed fittingly well. <SPOILER>I didn’t know before that Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) would be surviving the Hunger Games and that was a definite surprise on my part. His character was developed slowly but it paid off at the end. Even the drunk mentor and the major antagonist, they were presented in increasing depth, illuminating their nature more and more though not fully exposing their intentions. By the time, it was all over and Katniss and Peeta won, I knew things are going to change big time, not just because they survived, but you just feel it…that a forthcoming disaster is right ahead of them, not just the two protagonists but the people around them.

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